These special firmware packs are for usage with SX Installer v2.0.0 only!

Please download the right pack version you need for your Switch system.

Firmware Version File Size Download
v8.1.0 290.94mb System Update[0100000000000816][8.1.0][v537919608].nsp
v8.0.1 290.93mb System Update[0100000000000816][8.0.1][v536936528].nsp
v8.0.0 290.93mb System Update[0100000000000816][8.0.0][v536871502].nsp
v7.0.0 266.24mb System Update[0100000000000816][7.0.0][v469762248].nsp
v6.1.0 263.67mb System Update[0100000000000816][6.1.0][v403701850].nsp
v6.0.1 263.44mb System Update[0100000000000816][6.0.1][v402718730].nsp
v6.0.0 263.44mb System Update[0100000000000816][6.0.0][v402653544].nsp
v5.1.0 261.28mb System Update[0100000000000816][5.1.0][v336592976].nsp

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